Blog Promotion


Starting and promoting your new blog is not an enviable task. It takes time to build content and even more time to increase your visitors and readers. If you stay patient and take the following steps, your chances of being successful are much more likely.

1- Organic search engine traffic takes time, but don’t get flustered. Always stay on course with your SEO tips and tricks and eventually you will see traffic from the major search engines.

2- Not all of your traffic is equal. You must pay special attention to your traffic statistics. You may see a bunch of visitors coming from a social media site you plugged but the visitors may be clicking and leaving. You may see minimal traffic coming from other trusted blogs and SE’s but those readers may stay longer and subscribe. Monitor over time what brings you the most readers and how long they stay, and then continue to do what works the best for your site.

3- Remain consistent with your posting. Nobody likes stale blogs and if a visitor comes and sees that your last post was 3 months ago he or she may leave immediately thinking your entries are untimely.

4- Don’t get complacent when your traffic peaks. You will have highs and lows with your traffic but neither should affect your goals for your blog. Inconsistent traffic does not mean you are doing anything wrong.

5- Aspire to get repeat visitors and subscribers. These are your best visitors as they tend to be most interested in what you have to say and are most likely to share your site with others.

6- Always set aside some time weekly or monthly to concentrate on link building. Backlinks are very important to the ranking and popularity of your site and it never hurts to have good quality links coming back to your site.

7- Become friendly with other blog owners within your topic and network with them. Not only is it a good source of traffic since a good blog’s links are more trusted, but it can become and invaluable tool to have a fellow blogger in your network to seek advice and tips from.

8- Paid advertising can be your friend but be careful what you choose to spend your hard earned money on. Don’t just purchase bulk traffic! Spend your money advertising on blogs and websites that are similar to your topic and you’ll have a better chance of converting someone else’s traffic into readers of your site.