Networking with the Blogging Community

Blogging Community
Blogging Community

Networking with other bloggers and webmasters is an essential part of having an online presence. Being friendly and helpful with others in the same industry can only help you further your progress and help you become a known quantity. We all visit tons of competitors sites to see what they’re doing, why not drop a note to say hello, introduce yourself and let them know how they can contact you for anything.

I’ve only had this blog up for about 3 months or so now and I have emailed dozens of other bloggers/webmasters. It can be as easy as letting them know you appreciate their site and information, share a tip related to one of their posts that they might find useful, or even to ask a question yourself. When others “see” a person behind the blog, and the friendly demeanor, they are more likely to network with you in the future and maybe swap links or give a shout out to your site.

Many are afraid of mentioning others or linking to their sites. I’m not sure why, I guess they feel like they are giving away their readers. These readers will find other sites anyway! You’re better off showing them that you too enjoy other sites and can be a good resource yourself for finding such places. I have no problem throwing out a plug about a great post or site I might come across.

Visiting industry related forums is a great way to meet others and get your name out there. Don’t be afraid, everyone is there for the same reason, to share and learn new information. Just keep a pleasant attitude overall and share alike. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, I have found that the majority of other bloggers are quick to jump in and make recommendations or offer very helpful tips.

Social Networking Sites

Join the social networking sites and search for related sites. Send messages to others introducing yourself and your site, and compliment them if you like theirs. If the option is available, put them on your contact or favorites list.

Look through both Google and Yahoo groups and join relevant groups. Not only is it a great resource for information, it’s a great way to meet others.

Banner Designed

You never know when you may need assistance from someone else. Whether it be a tip about a plugin they’re using, or where they might have had a banner designed – if they have seen you posting in an amicable manner elsewhere, they are more likely to respond to your inquiry. No harm is going to come from reaching out to others, but you very well may reap the rewards in the long run by being known better, and at worst case you made a few friends in the industry.