More Buyers This Summer Will Compete For Homes

Dream House
Dream House

In most parts of the country the summer time is the best time to go out and do some house hunting because your kids are out of school and it gives you more time on decision making for your dream house.

Right now many real estate experts are battling with the lack of homes in the industry. In many parts of the country the housing has taken a dive in the last 12-18 months. There are a lot of investors right now that are picking up the homes.

Realtor does the numbers every year for the housing market in the major cities and out of the 146 major cities 137 are in decline. There are fewer and fewer homes sold in every city so far.

This movement is making it tough for real estate experts to get a handle on selling a home because its driving prices up and even having people bid on homes in certain areas. Believe or not investors have a lot to do with it.

Construction has some things to do with it because the building of homes as stopped nationwide and you can’t sell a home that you don’t have. Foreclosed houses seem to be dead also so its a good thing to use the resources that you know of to buy a house today.

The key to all this is to do as much housing research as you can research can help you as a seller reach a good asking price and as a buyer it can tell you the areas that are good for your budget. Having a plan is step one of the whole buying process. Get the most house for your money and make sure you are getting a solid price when you put in the offer.

How To Choose The Best Real Estate Agent

As far as getting a real estate agent goes you want to get one that you can trust and that won’t steer you in the wrong direction. Real estate is a scary market now with the housing price going up and down daily.

A good way to know if a real estate agent is worth it is by getting the names and numbers of 5 clients that the agent had in the past and see what those clients can tell you about the agent you want to go with.

Maybe there to slow with the offers they put in and that can be frustrating if you really like a house or there is a short window for the offer time. Than your house search continues, many real estate agents want to make the buy process simple.

You might want to see how long it takes them to sell their properties and you can gauge how fast they will work to find you a house you like. Motivation is the key to success with real estate. You will want to ask your real estate agent before you hire them a few simple questions, like how many homes have you sold in the past year? How long have you been practicing real estate? and how many properties do you currently have on the market?

These are all good questions to ask and shouldn’t be hard for the agent to respond to. If they are that will throw some red flags up. No real estate agent wants red flags. Once you get the real estate agents information you can compare online with other agents to see if they beat the average sell time.