Bad Credit Car Loans

Credit Car Loans
Credit Car Loans

Are you feeling disappointed that poor credit history is preventing you from purchasing your dream vehicle? Well, worry no more as bad credit car loans are here to provide the required finance for your car. The intense competition among lenders offering loans for car has led to many lenders providing finance for purchasing new or even used cars in spite of borrowers having a poor credit history. These loans are provided on careful consideration of certain factors. The borrowers need to assure the lenders of their ability to repay the loan on time.

Car Loans for people with Bad Credit

Car loans for people with bad credit score are mainly given as two options i.e. secured and unsecured. Under a secured loan, the car or any other collateral needs to be pledged as security with the lender. Secured loans often carry a lower rate of interest and are also easily approved due to the collateral being placed.

Unsecured loans for cars generally have a higher rate of interest as there is no collateral and hence the risk to the lender is more. Both these loans are generally provided for a time ranging between 5-7 years. Clearing some of your old debts can improve your credit score, which may in turn fetch you lower interest rates when you are applying for auto loans.

Online Car Loans

Many lenders including online lenders for loans for buying cars have started providing finance to people who have a poor credit score. Car loans for people with poor credit score can now be acquired online car loans with just a few mouse clicks.

Many of these lenders also provide car loan calculators at no extra cost, which is an extremely useful tool to determine the ideal loan for your dream vehicle among the various options on hand. Auto and car loans for individuals with bad credit can be acquired for the purchase of either a new car or a used one. However, the used car should not be more than seven years old.

A person may incur a poor credit score due to many reasons such as accumulated arrears, defaults, repayments that have been omitted and so on. With the advent of bad credit auto loans, even those with a not so good credit history are being provided with the opportunity to purchase a vehicle. A down payment is however required while acquiring these funding options. Refinance car loans are also being provided by some lenders even for those with a poor credit score.

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