Design Consultation

Home Decor
Home Decor

Confused about color? Frustrated with furniture placement? Desperate for a fresh decorating direction? In one, personalized, productive, in-home design consultation, I will use my innovative eye for design to help you solve these common design dilemmas and more! Hourly rates are available upon request.

Color Consultation:

A comprehensive, customized color palette analysis. Color, the foundation for your decor, reflects your personality as well as that of your home. With the use of my professional designer decks, I will help you choose paint colors that will evoke the perfect atmosphere, honoring your home’s architecture and room function. Let me help you express yourself through a cohesive, balanced and personalized color scheme. Hourly rates available upon request.

Personal Shopping Service:

Expert shopping at your disposal. Are you tired of looking for that perfect this or the hard-to-find that? Not only do I have expert connections in the world of retail, I have a special knack for finding the impossible. Let me hook you up with everything you need to make your interior space pop! Pricing available upon request.

Interior Redesign:

Interior Redesign is the hip, new, cost-effective way to achieve a fresh and updated look in your home. It only takes a day! After a short in-take interview and while you go about your day, I will artfully and creatively transform your space into that fresh, comfortable and function-friendly room about which you’ve always dreamed. Forget the expense of new stuff and maximize what you’ve already got! The only shopping that might happen is the shopping of other rooms in your home, with your permission of course! Prices available upon request.

New Home or Remodel Consultation:

An assistive and cooperative effort to support you as you build or remodel the home of your dreams. As I help you identify your style fingerprint, I will work to ensure that your project reflects your personality and meets your unique needs. It’s all about you! Together we’ll bid farewell to that cookie cutter house! Pricing available upon request.

Real Estate Staging:

Real Estate Staging is an innovative tool used by savvy homeowners to optimize the value of their property for a quicker sale and a higher profit.* Do you want your home to stand out from the house down the block that’s also for sale? I can help you package your home in a way that maximizes its appeal to the general buying audience. With a discerning eye for design and objective point of view (say-it-like-it-is-Sara), my staging consultation will provide you with the tools you need to edit your space so that it offers the best first impression. Full-service staging and pricing available upon request.