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Don't forget the tax benefits in their tax return in 2018

Not to forget to check or fill-in the boxes of your tax return to take advantage of the tax benefits to which you are entitled, check out our lists of deductions, reductions and tax credits. The expert Thibaut Diringer has identified for you forgetting the most common and how to avoid them.

The deadlines for the tax return 2018 on income 2017 approaches, it is important to return to the subject of fiscal aid. These tax benefits are not gifts, but correspond to expenses that you have paid, and that the government encourages you to take through taxation.

I recently identified a comprehensive list of deductions, reductions and tax credits that you can consult to verify the aid that concern you.
Do not forget to check and fill the correct boxes

The expert Thibaut Diringer created the site Corrigetonimpô after you have found in his work in firms of management of heritage, as a tax return 4 contained errors, many omissions to the detriment of the taxpayer.

Increasingly, items of income of the tax return are pre-filled by the tax administration. On the other hand, it is most of the time the taxpayer's responsibility to check or fill in the boxes for which they will be entitled to deductions, discounts or tax credits. However, the online reporting is widespread, and even required this year from 28 000€ income tax reference. It is thus necessary to know the existence of the relevant boxes. They are not always displayed directly. It is necessary to know how to "open the good drawer" in the presentation of drawers of the online declaration. Failing this, certain deductible expenses are, therefore, forgotten.

To help you, Thibaut Diringer has compiled a list of the most often forgotten. It tells you which box to check if you are affected. His website gives you many useful tips and free which will complement a useful reference sites :