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Extension of exemption of property tax

While the owners come to pay the land tax, and many taxpayers have already paid the tax due on the 16 November, meps approved an exceptional measure of extension of exemption of local taxes for some taxpayers exempt in 2017 and taxable in 2018. Confusion reigns !

The payment of the tax is later than the 16 November by mail or on November 20, online. It is a tax important reports more than 21 billion euros to the local communities.

This year, to 250 000 older people or widows, low-income, it became a puzzle, a joy mingled with doubt and concern. Here is why :
250 000 persons exempt in 2017 have become taxable in 2018

Many people are exempt from housing tax and, this goes together, contribution to the audiovisual sector. Some are exempt provided they do not exceed a certain level of resources. This is the case of those aged more than 60 years, and widowers and widows who are exempt if their income tax reference is less than 10.686 euros for one share ( and more, depending on the number of units, for example 20.098 for 3 units ).

Gold following the abolition of several tax benefits such as :

 the phasing out of the half share of the family quotient granted to widows and widowers who raised a child,
the taxation of 10% increase in the pensions of pensioners who have raised at least three children (this increase was not included in the income tax reference previously),

about 250,000 low-income people that were not taxable for local income tax in 2017 are become taxable to the same taxes in 2018. The current government blame the previous government, but it has not anticipated the effect of its own deletions of tax benefits.

Sometimes a few euros close to, the income tax reference 250 000 lower-income households has exceeded the ceiling that allowed them to be exempt from property tax in 2014. These people have received a notice of assessment to the property tax, often for several hundred euros.
The sudden extension of the exemption creates confusion

Announcement of the extension of tax exemption locauxLe government announced on 3 November, an extension of the exemption from property tax and land tax for certain categories of people who benefited in 2017 :

 Persons exempt from property tax in 2017 are also exempted in 2018.

People over 75 years of age exempt from property tax in 2017 are also exempted in 2018.
Exempt persons who have already paid will be refunded :

either automatically, in the first months of 2017. They will receive a letter in January and a notice of exemption in march. They have no approach to do it.
within 30 days, if they make the request to their centre of public finance by mail, e-mail, phone or on-site visit.

 Those who have not yet paid the housing tax due in November may ignore the tax notice.

It is of course very good news for the people concerned, a true gift of Christmas, and, say some, a true gift election before the regional elections.

But, above all, by its suddenness 15 days prior to the date of payment, and by its appearance as a retrospective, this action causes a lot of confusion. It is not pleasant for a person who has low income to wait several months before being refunded. It is not obvious to those who have not yet paid" to ignore the tax notice ". The measure is so exceptional that the doubt and uncertainty mixed in with the joy of being exempt. Many retirees rush to their tax centre, to dispel their anxiety.

Local taxes will come back gradually to the full rate

Today, Thursday, 12 November, the National Assembly adopted on Thursday a scheme exempting the 250,000 people involved for 2 years.

After two years, these people will begin gradually to pay local taxes : the first one-third of the taxes due in the third year, and then two-thirds by the fourth year, and finally at the full rate in the fifth year.