Is Your Guru Broke?

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing

First let me explain what a guru. It is a name given to Internet marketers who have allegedly made a lot of money online, and have a loyal band of followers: their list. These are the people who receive your newsletter sign up for this free offer and that, change your email address. I’ve been to many of these lists in recent years and has added and deleted me along the way to the point that I thought information that was only the best of the best. Unfortunately I started to notice a worsening trend in the last year or so – the emails continue to arrive, but the information does not.

At first most of the newsletters he had received at least one good tip or a new trend was of interest to me. I would like to receive these bulletins maybe once a week or less depending on the author. I find that these newsletters have become more frequent and do not rely heavily on the news aspect of the card.

Mortgage Payment

In fact most of the correspondence is not even a newsletter, it is a short message recommend a friend who has just published an eBook, software or worse, another training course that will cost a mortgage payment or two. I do not think most of these so called gurus, you can even see the product before promoting it.

A good example of a product that was never proven, no matter been thinking for a reasonable period of time, was a recent software version for you to write blogs. This software would send a message to as many blogs as you programmed it to. Now for those of you who do not get the point of blogging, let me explain.

When posting to blogs, usually you can leave your signature file and link live to your site or what you are promoting. It’s essentially free advertising if done correctly. This blog software is not correctly, in fact, not all blog, send spam messages in as many blogs as you like. How can this possible to promote your business by posting irrelevant messages to blogs – you do not see the message before yours, how can his message to have any chance of being relevant?

Internet Marketing

All this makes me wonder if people who have taken upon themselves to become in the voice of Internet marketing is broken, or have had enough and simply selling, milking every last cent of his final list and find a good place to retire. I guess that is the stage of retirement, because the Internet marketing game is a full time job that never really get to take it easy. Make sure the money is good, but not take your eyes off the road for a second.