Hostel of the Sun

Hostel of the Sun
Hostel of the Sun

Are you going to Naples on your next stop along your travels? Want comfortable accommodations at an affordable price and a fun, friendly atmosphere?

If you answered yes, then you need to stay at Hostel of the Sun.

I took the “Regionale” train from Rome to Naples. It’s a cheap and slow train, but I couldn’t complain. The scenery outside was worth the wait. Gently rolling hills to the East, cliffs cutting into the blue ocean to the West. In about three hours I arrived at the Naples train station. In no time at all I arrived at the hostel by bus.

Hostel of the Sun is located in the center of of the city, on the 7th (it’s really the 8th; all Italian floors start counting on the second level, the ground level being 0) floor and offers great views of the Citysearch.

I was blown away as soon as I reached the 7th floor and walked through the entrance of the hostel. Bright, inviting colors, smiling people everywhere and I just I felt at home. The staff was amazing, helpful and talkative. If I had a question they were more than happy to answer it and even provide better options.

The first thing you see as you enter is the common area and reception desk. Everywhere on the walls are photos of friends who have stayed and maybe even items from their own home country. The common area has room for about 8 to 10 people to sit down and watch a movie from their large movie library. Or if you want, you can challenge someone to a game of tennis on the Wii system played out on a large plasma screen.

Two computers are available for use at no additional cost and if you have your own laptop, WiFi is free as well, which is a treat here in Italy. Luca, the manager of the place, is an amazing host and funny to boot. He’s very knowledgeable about Naples and the places to go see. I recommend that you challenge him to a game of Wii Tennis.

The kitchen is fully furnished with a gas stove (some of the burners are a bit tricky), refrigerator and everything you need to cook with. Just be sure to clean up after yourself; the staff knows where you sleep after all. A nice feature is a small bar that’s run from about 7 to 11 by Matt, who’s originally from Portland, Oregon. Ask him to make you a “Rocktail” and you’ll be friends for life. By the way, make sure to have some Nutella during the free continental breakfast, they have them in 5KG tubs here!

The rooms here are nice and comfortable, with new modern bunk beds. My last hostel had rickety and rusty bunk beds which were ghastly. Each bed has it’s own low watt reading light which is very helpful so you can still do things without disturbing your dorm mates.

The hostel is located very close to some nice attractions which are not too far away like Castel Nuovo and Museo Nazionale di San Martino. There’s a bus stop not too far that takes you to the entrance of old Pompeii city. Spend a day at Pompeii and learn how the people lived before being devastated by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

This hostel is definitely award winning, as you’ll see by all the plaques covering the wall from previous awards. It wins my own personal award of being such a cool and affordable place to stay.