How a Blog can Increase your Website ranking so quickly


Are you still not using blog marketing? Blogs should be used simply for the fact that they increase your website rankings, even if you don’t implement any other marketing methods. There are many reasons that blogs increase website rankings based on how they are built and how they operate.

Five Key Reasons a Blog Can Increase Your Website Ranking Quickly

1. Tons of FREE SEO Plugins to Support Your Blog

There are hundreds, if not thousands of free plugins that can be added to your blog in minutes. Many plugins are specially designed to increase your website rankings and attract more traffic and search engines. Some of the most important widgets are those from digg, facebook, and youtube. These will immediately increase your website rankings and blog ranking.

2. Built in SEO Tools for Optimizing Your Blog Posts

Most blogging platforms (such as wordpress) have built in SEO tools, which can be used when you download the software. This is a major difference from static HTML websites. You will gain higher website rankings by filling in the information that is required when the blog is set up.

For example, adding keyword categories, keyword tags, a blog title, recent posts widgets and so on. Keep in mind that the more keyword dense your blog is, the more highly ranked your blog will be for that keyword term. Understanding how to use this SEO tools will make your blog marketing more successful.

3. Marketing Power of RSS in Blogs

Blogs have built in RSS features that you can choose to activate. You can then have a big RSS subscriber button at the top of your website to encourage people to sign up. You can also use RSS feeds such as feedblitz, feedzilla and feedburner to show other people how many users have signed up to your blog feed. This will increase the blog rankings as more people sign up.

4. Blog and Ping Can Attract More Visitors Easily  

Blog ping is the method used by a blog to notify the search engines that fresh content has been posted to the blog. This is a mechanism that is built into the blog platform. This means that your blog posts will be indexed much faster than they would have been with a normal static website.

The more pages that you have indexed in the major search engines, the better your overall blog rankings will be. Not only this, but the search engine robots will keep returning to the blog in order to find new content and re-index it.

5. Interactive Nature of Blogging Boosts Viral Marketing

A blog is a perfect tool for the Internet as it mimics the organic nature of how the Internet operates. When you make a, a signal will be sent throughout the Internet and other people will know about it. Your blog post will be found on other websites automatically, which will drive more traffic to your website.

Not only this, but other people will quickly see your blog title and want to comment on your post. This adds more content and keywords to your blog, which restarts the process all over again. As you can see, the viral nature of blogs and the Internet give blog marketing an advantage that other tools do not possess.