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How to finance crowdfunding

The book "crowdfunding – a new tool for companies," explains to entrepreneurs how to raise finance by crowdfunding. This book is also interesting for investors who place their money in crowdfunding because it presents the scenes of this emerging sector.

Crowdfunding can be a great opportunity for the holders of entrepreneurial project that have neither their own capital nor connections in the finance industry to give life to their dreams. But financing by crowdfunding application of the preparation and of the method. It is necessary to know the mode of employment. This is the subject of this book.
A book of pros

 "Crowdfunding – a new tool for companies" is not an academic book but a guide to teaching and practice. Its authors are Arnaud Poissonnier, founder of the website Babyloan, a site of loans, which has collected 12 million euros for micro-finance initiatives based on solidarity, and Beryl Bes, founder of MyAnnona a crowdfunding platform dedicated to female entrepreneurship. So, they know what they are talking about. In addition, they give the word in interviews with other actors in the crowdfunding as Nicolas Lesur of Unilend and Stéphanie Savel of WiSeed and the project managers who have achieved success in their fundraising campaign.
Not of speech, " anti-banks "

Beryl BesLes authors trace briefly the development of the crowdfunding in the world and in France in order to demonstrate the importance. In the United States, the crowdfunding breaststroke already billion. Crowdfunding is creating a paradigm shift in finance. By putting directly into a relationship, thanks to digital, the holders of projects in need of funding and individuals who can provide them with funds, the crowdfunding " désintermédie ", that is to say, substitutes for the traditional intermediaries financing : venture capital companies, banks, investment funds etc Crowdfunding is one of the forms of the collaborative economy. which replaces the traditional intermediaries by market places dematerialised, such as BlaBlaCar or Uber in other areas, and where supply and demand meet in a more direct way and more transparent than before.

Arnaud PoissonnierPour as much, the authors are far from glorifying blind of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding involves risks for all actors, platforms, entrepreneurs and providers of funds. Its great virtue lies can be in this that the crowdfunding closer to the French of the real economy... with its benefits and risks. A company that seemed to be solid may not be able to repay a loan ; a startup promising never to achieve the business plan that would have allowed its shareholders to make a nice gain.

The discourse of anti-banks are often postures marketing. In fact, some websites of crowdfunding where the investors do not elect or projects to be financed or the conditions of their funding have little traits that the original crowdfunding. In addition, banks and crowdfunding are rather complementary, as the crowdfunding platforms have used them as investors, contributors and business or technical partners.
Raising funds by crowdfunding, has a share of self-collection

ImportanceDelAutocollecteUn of the most important messages of the book is that crowdfunding still has a part of self-collection, which means that the project promoter needs to recruit himself, at least a part of the contributors of the funds, if only to initiate the movement.

Some sites are better than others "sites for savings" in that they recruit and are building a community of investors willing to finance projects. But even in this case, the project being in competition with other projects, early support coming from her personal community will be useful, even essential, to inspire trust in others.
Manual for financing by crowdfunding

Finally the authors explain the different forms of crowdfunding and provide a manual for a fundraising campaign successful. A few examples :

 Crowdfunding by donation reward: Explanation of the rule of " all or nothing ". Importance of planning the cost of a campaign, including the counterparties or rewards to be delivered to the contributors.
Crowdfunding for loan: Explanation of the different types of loans and the different statuses of platforms corresponding. The selection of candidate companies for the loan in crowdfunding is very strict.
Crowdfunding for capital investment or crowdequity : to Open its capital to shareholders recruited crowdfunding is an important commitment.