Increase Blog Ranking with simple Blog Tweaks

Increase Blog Ranking
Increase Blog Ranking

There are a number of small things that can be changed on a blog in order to make it more search engine friendly. These little tweaks do not take very much time, but they are invaluable if you want to increase your rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

With the killing competition in the internet and expensive online advertising such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Pay Per Click, you cannot missed out these valuable blog tweaks.

Use attention grabbing titles in each blog post

Your blog post should have an attention grabbing title or headline and include the keywords of your target market. This should not be overlooked if you want to gain SEO points. Never stack a lot of keywords together, but you should include the main keywords. Often some of the best titles are based on a number of secrets or key issues in your market, as this is both attention grabbing and includes the primary keywords.

Creating popular posts to high blog ranking

The best way to use your blog is to create posts that people love and want to read. Never make a boring or post you want more links and traffic. The best types of blog posts are click here to play and lists. Remember to give away good information that people want to read about. Create stickiness to let your blog reader come back for more.

Use page titles with keywords

The page title is just the name of the particular webpage in question. As this is not used in links as much as the post title, you don’t need to spend as much time on it. Instead, you can add extra keywords into the page title and get away with them. You need to use the page title for the SEO advantages that you can gain, so don’t overlook it.

Submit blog post To Social bookmarking site

Social bookmarking includes sites as Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit. These are three of the major players and you need to submit your blog post. They are great for SEO as they alert the search engines when you create a new post and can generate lots of links and traffic to your blog.

All of the links and fans that you can create via social bookmarking make it indispensible as a search engine optimization method. You need to have this feature listed in your blog marketing strategy. Together with interesting blog post, social bookmarking can give you boost in blog ranking.

Use the ping feature to drive more blog traffic

Many people seem to be unaware of the ping feature inside certain blog platforms but it is something that you need to use. Pinging is just a way to let other websites know that you have posted some new content to your own bestcasinositesonline online casino. Add the major services to the list of pings that you send out and this will give you more exposure and better results in the search engines.

If you use the points listed above you can make simple changes that have long lasting SEO effects. Spend a few minutes of the day to implement what you have read.