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Fun things to do in London when you are on a budget with this guide from AnyTrip:

During the holiday season in London, one can find things to do that are cheap or free. One can stroll through the Southbank Centre Christmas market. Decorated in traditional German, the vendors are displaying amber and silver jewellery, ornaments, hand tatted lace, and toys that are handmade. Experience some of the authentic tastes of the season when you brunch on gingerbread, roasted almonds and bratwurst.

After this, take a stroll through the Christmas displays of Covent Gardens. Listen to choirs sing, pet a reindeer or visit the animated nativity scene. Adults and children will both delight in the bright coloured Christmas lights, the giant baubles and festive decorated Christmas trees. Complete the day at the food festival sampling foods made from wheat, dairy and sugar specially prepared gluten free.

Bike riding through some of the stone lanes and junk shops:

How about a bike ride through Holborn, Farringdon and Islington to do some window shopping. Starting at Bayley Street, ride up through Calthorpe Street all the way to the Exmouth Market. Close to the Market is a wonderful cobble stone lane with junk shops to high end jewellery stores. Strolling around the South Bank, you will find charming book stores with old magazines and out of print books.

Covent Garden is often full of entertainers, musicians and make for a perfect break to the day. Streets are sometimes filled with jugglers and other street entertainment.

Cultural tea and scones in London:

If tea and scones is your thing, enjoy tea and cake at the Ritz. Several of the upscale London hotels offer tea room & tho often quite expensive a few offer a less formal tea where a tenner will do. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi in some of the quirky little cafes, visit some of the world class museums and just enjoy some of the culture centres around the Camden arts Centre, or Royal Festival Hall.

Site seeing:

There is always site seeing. Taking a bike and riding past some of the elegant hotels in Paddington station, riding past the Piccadilly Circus, touring historical museums, landmarks and old grave yards. See if there are grave markers for any of the deceased kings or queens.

Camping in London:

If you find yourself in London, and need to find a cheap way to stay, you may look into some of the cheap hotels or even look into camping. There are no camp grounds in some parts of London, but, you can find campsites in the north east and southern parts of London. Some campsites offer other amenities. Examples of these campsites are Lee Valley Camp and Caravan Park in Edmonton.

Both are open all year and include a golf course. Some camp sites are close to the bus station and some are set in amongst large trees. If camping outside under the stars with nature is just not your cup of tea especially in winter then check out some of the cheap London Hotels.

Whatever your budget is, there is always something to see and something to do in London and from Camping to cheap London hotels, there is always somewhere to stay. Step out of the main tourist trail in London and experience things to do that are cheap and fun.