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Choose and manage his retirement savings PERP or Madelin

Attracted by the tax benefit put forward by the insurers and banks, many investors do not pay enough attention to the choice and management in the period of their savings contract individual pension-type PERP or Madelin. However, the offer is wide and the possibilities of optimization, even in the course of the contract, are many. The expert Guillaume Lattaignant of we unveils..... mas

Retirement savings : PERP or Madelin... or life insurance ?

The French are more likely to subscribe to a retirement savings PERP or Madelin to purchase an annuity which will supplement the pensions of collective pension schemes. These contracts savings individual pensions are a bit complex and quite restrictive, but we can optimize them. This is the first of 2 posts dedicated to this topic.... mas

Don't forget the tax benefits in their tax return in 2018

Not to forget to check or fill-in the boxes of your tax return to take advantage of the tax benefits to which you are entitled, check out our lists of deductions, reductions and tax credits. The expert Thibaut Diringer has identified for you forgetting the most common and how to avoid them..... mas

Deadlines for tax return 2018 – income 2017

The government has published the deadlines for the tax return in 2018 for the tax on the income 2017. The threshold from which the online reporting is mandatory has been lowered to 28.000 euros..... mas

The evolution of the crowdfunding French

Crowdfunding offers individuals and businesses an alternative to financing by banks and other traditional players. How is the crowdfunding in france? What are the results of the crowdfunding by donation, loan or bonds and stocks? What are the risks for investors? This is the topic of this post...... mas

Tax incentives : Deduction, reduction, or tax credit

Deduction, abatement or credit of tax on income are different forms of tax assistance. These distinctions are important to take advantage of the aids to which it has the right and not to fall into the trap of tax benefits unfeasible. This post discusses the tax incentives that the State provides to certain taxpayers to help families and elderly or disabled people, to encourage donation, or to encourage certain types of investments are beneficial for the environment or the economy.....mas

4 tips to women for their financial future

The international association of women executives PWN has produced a documentary that encourages women to take control of their finances in order to improve their future and that of their family. The advice given in this film are relevant to all women and men. Synthesis of 4 points. Only 1% of global wealth belongs to women, and there is no country in the world where the salary of the women is truly equal to that of men. In France, women still earn 20% less than men while they are on average more qualified.... mas

The risk of vacancy rate in a tax system Pinel

The government has extended until December 31, 2017 the tax system of Pinel, which aims to renew the rental investment in new property or rehabilitated. The tax reduction granted by this device depends on many conditions, including the continuity of the lease. The vacancy rate can lead to a loss of the tax advantage.... mas

How to finance crowdfunding

The book "crowdfunding – a new tool for companies," explains to entrepreneurs how to raise finance by crowdfunding. This book is also interesting for investors who place their money in crowdfunding because it presents the scenes of this emerging sector.... mas

Extension of exemption of property tax

While the owners come to pay the land tax, and many taxpayers have already paid the tax due on the 16 November, meps approved an exceptional measure of extension of exemption of local taxes for some taxpayers exempt in 2017 and taxable in 2018. Confusion reigns !... mas