Google Analytic and Google Webmaster Tools

Google Analytic
Google Analytic

Anyone and everyone can use the analytics and webmaster from Google because it is free! Yeah, the webmaster tool Google Analytics and Search is both a free and user-friendly service provided by Google. Google not only helps to track visitors to your site or the amount of page views by offering Google’s analytical tool, but it can also be used to see which content gets the most clicks, time on site per visit, which ads drive the most visitors to your site, track the success of your marketing campaigns, such as Ad Terms, Ad sense and emails, and much more.whereas the Google webmaster tool shows reporting statistics and diagnostics pertaining to the management of your site’s pages in Google index.

It is a customizable website tracking tool which helps users make strategic business decisions that are well informed. You can add up to 100 unique profiles to a Google analytics account so you don’t need to apply every filter to a single profile or you’d always want to. Another way to make these tools easier is to link your Webmaster Tools verified site to an Analytics profile if you can use Google Analytics to track site data, and then use the same Google Account.

The steps to integrate it into your websites are here:-

1) Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools and click on the “Manage” button next to your desired site, then choose “Google Analytics profile.”

2) Then select the profile you want to link to your website (you can only select one at this time), and click “Save”.

Let’s discuss some of Google’s key analytic and webmaster tools.

So, here’s it! Google Analytic ‘s key modules that allow the user to add some statistics to your site, such as:-

1) It is both a single and multi-domain tracking (you can track from an account more than one domain)

2) Ability set regular, weekly , or monthly traffic warnings Detailed knowledge of the site’s attracted tourists.

3) Total no of visitors count, bounce rate, page views.

4) Defined time

5) Goal Monitoring

6) Anonymise the Email address of guests

7) It gives you information about the content, such as which pages visitors look at most

8) Objective setting to measure whether the site meets the business goal

Google Webmaster modules that allow the user to add to your site some statistical features like:-

1) Webmaster Tools allow you to submit an XML sitemap, if you have errors with your sitemap, you can click on the “details” link and learn about the errors or warnings with your sitemap that they may have.

2) It contains 404 error reports that you are actually strict about using your robots.txt file to which of your URLs.

3) Google Webmaster Tool lets you set your geographical target.

4) If the site has problems with canonization then you should set the Preferred Domain.

There are plenty of modules to explain why you should use Google Analytic and Webmaster Tools. So, continue using it and put your sites on top of the search engines.