How To Repair Water Damage In The Home

Water Damage Home
Water Damage Home

There are many reasons why water damage may be in the home. This issue is common among homeowners who have to find solutions to fix their water problems. Luckily, there are some quick and easy methods for handling water type damage, that can make it easier for the people working on it.

One of the first places that water can damage is the floor. When carpet gets wet and soaked by water, many people feel that it has to be thrown out. However most carpet can be salvaged and kept. While the under padding will need to be discarded and replaced, all the carpet needs is a good cleaning and time to dry. Carpet cleaning machines and water vacuums work great at removing water and cleaning the fibers deep within the carpet.

When the carpet has dried fully, the homeowner can check to see the progress of the carpet just by smelling it. The carpet fibers should not smell damp or moldy. If it still has an unusual smell, the carpet can be cleaned again to remove any old smells.

Water can also damage floors and ceilings. When someone notices a water leak in the ceiling of the home, they may wonder where it is coming from. Usually the source is a bathroom toilet. The first thing that will need to be done, is find the source of the leak. If the toilet is removed and it is wet underneath, then it is probably the source. Replacing the toilet is the first step in correcting the issue.

Floor boards under a damaged toilets will only need to be changed if the wood does not dry after a day or so. If they dry within that time, the floor can be put back over the boards. To repair the ceiling where the damage first took place, a small area of drywall should be cut out. It can be replaced easily and then repainted to touch up any odd spots.

When mold has found its way onto surfaces or objects, it can be destroyed by using a harsh cleaner. The most effective way to clean mold, is to use bleach and water diluted. The area can be sprayed and left on to treat for a few minutes. A heavy brush can clean away the mold and leave it new again. When bleach does not work, there are many other products available on the market to handle stubborn moldy areas.

If there are areas where mold can not be removed easily, then the objects may have to be discarded. Material, some flooring and objects with black mold, should be discarded to prevent anyone from getting sick. If insurance is applicable then those items could be covered and replaced.

When water damage has happened in a home, the best way to fix the problem, is to try as many solutions as possible. Start with the least expensive and intrusive one, and then go from there. Most often there is a way to fix a crisis without having to increase the cost of the repair or the duration of time.