Secrets Of Cosmic Ordering For Beginners


How can one get a brand new car, a promotion, a swell house and more easily? The answer is by Cosmic Ordering. Cosmic ordering for beginners, may sound pretty mystifying though it’s quite easy to fathom. Cosmic Ordering works just like as if you were to order a regular product from a mail order pamphlet only the realm is the Universe and there is no limit to the product list!

New Age theorists assert the purpose of human life on earth is to experience joy and the Universe is willing to aid in this venture as much as possible. It is like a genie that is giving you not just three wishes but as many as you want. And, it has to its bidding, the entire Universe so there’s no limit to what you can have. The only trick is in knowing how to use the Cosmic Ordering technique in the right way.

It is vital that you know what you want deep in your heart. If your desires are the product of someone else’s wishes then your Cosmic Ordering is unlikely to work as it will not fuel your emotions to the degree required. You must be able to feel passionately about what you want whether it is a product or event.

Once you are sure and have decided what you really want, the next step is to imagine it. If you are passionately looking forward to a promotion at your workplace and once you have decided that this is what you truly want, the next step is to imagine as if it has already happened. Can you feel your colleagues congratulating you and can you feel your boss giving you your letter of commendation?

The final step in Cosmic Ordering is to tell the Universe with your heart and mind that this is the thing you want and then you forget about it. It’s just like placing a mail order. You tick the box next to the product in an order form, attach the payment and post the envelope. Then, you forget about the order and get on with your day. Eventually, your package arrives.

The same happens with Cosmic Ordering. The Law of Attraction differs on this aspect with Cosmic Ordering though both methods are based on the same genre of New Age thinking. In the Law of Attraction you need to imagine the product that you want day after day. In Cosmic Ordering you do it once and it comes to you in through some synchronous events.