Sunday Morning SEO Tips

One of the most basic things we should all know by now is the best traffic you can get is search engine traffic. Visitors are performing a specific search when they find your site and therefore they have come to your site knowing you have what they’re looking for, and you have a much better chance of them returning and/or purchasing your product. That’s why it’s paramount that your site is optimized properly to remain high on the search engine rankings. Here are a few seo tips to help you, and to assist in utilizing your pages best.

Try to avoid reciprocal link exchanges. The engines are aware when links are swapped.

Do not post a thousand links on your pages and definitely don’t get involved in any link farms.

Don’t use a service to “get 5,000 backlinks in a week”. Spread out your insertion for backlinks over time. You will get penalized if you garner backlinks too quickly.

Mix up your links and text anchors. Try using different links on different pages. You can utilize links on inner pages and not just your main page.

Rather then selling only sitewide links, try utilizing your site by selling a variety of links. Offer homepage links, sitewide links & look into selling links on your inner pages with popularity and ranking.

If your site is fairly new, don’t feel that you need to purchase links from only high PR sites to boost your site. Try starting lower and slowly increasing your budget and the PR of the sites you are seeking as you increase your own rankings.

A Few Tips for Getting Traffic

So you have a fairly new website and are looking for an “easy” way to start getting visitors to your site. I’m not an SEO expert nor am I a traffic guru, but I can offer a few tips to get the ball rolling.

First concentrate on your site and building content. The first thing you want to do after that is manually go to the top search engines and submit your URL. Remember, in the long run, the best traffic source you can have is free traffic from the search engines.

Social Networking Sites

You can then post some of your content on social networking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Spurl, Reddit, Fark. Be careful not to spam, try your best to actually provide content and links that are useful to the readers. If your content is good, the visitors will come and they will return.

Submit your site to some of the better ranking and respected web directories.

Make sure to place your sites in your forum signature, but be sure not to spam any forums.

Comment on better known blogs. Again, do not spam. Offer legitimate and helpful comments and you have a better chance of the webmaster allowing your link to stay in place.

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