Connecting With Your Realtor


If you choose to use a Realtor, we like to connect with them right away. With the continued changes occurring in the lending industry we are finding it even more important to connect with our client’s Realtors early on during the home search in order assist in researching the properties you are considering buying and to work with the Realtor to structure your offer correctly.

Preparation is essential for successfully closing a deal. As we get closer to making an offer we want to make sure your offer and loan closing goes smoothly and is an easy transaction. As a borrower, your pre approval with Peoples Mortgage is rock solid and we can guarantee that your deal will close. So the only remaining variable is if the property has any outstanding issues.

In an effort to make sure you the borrower and the lender are protected, there are property items that need to be settled before you order an appraisal or a home inspection. If a Peoples Mortgage loan officer is in contact with your realtor they can help with the due diligence needed on miscellaneous property items.

Below are a few examples of issues that should and can be addressed on a property well before you get too involved in the process. We can do the research on these listed below as well as any other issues that may surface throughout the process.

Flips and Improper Flips

Flood Insurance and other hazard insurance needs will be covered. There Issues with a condo.

Condos are Current with HOA

Condos are Warrantable and approved by all insuring agencies (FHA, Fannie and VA). This is also important for resale. If they buy it without, it will be hard to sell in the future.

Non Allowable Fee (Pest and Title). These cannot be covered by a Veteran, but they are fees that need to be addressed in the contract. I can work with your Realtor to make sure everyone is happy with the contract before the final signing occurs.

Making sure your deal is a done right the first time and structured properly before, during and after a closing is OUR job and WE take great pride in working hard for you.

The quicker you can connect our loan officers with your REALTOR, the faster they can open the door for any questions, ideas, needs and concerns they may have along the way!