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In this article, brides and grooms can find a few beautiful pictures of white wedding flower arrangements and decorations that can fit different types of ceremonies and receptions. The images we brought for this post are relevant for our discussion here and we believe they are highly inspiring. So, if you aren’t decided yet on the color scheme or theme you should choose for your wedding, perhaps these elegant centerpiece ideas can help you.

Modern Wedding Receptions

We planned on talking about white ceremonies and decorations and we think that these charming floral arrangements we’re showing on this page look both unique and classic. There is something very stylish about these arrangements that can fit both classical and modern wedding receptions.

The designers who created these pieces are more than talented and experienced. They have a fabulous vision and passion for creating fabulous mixes between different styles, designs and themes. They like to play with the old inspirational currents and etiquettes and create exceptional designs that can make the perfect choice for contemporary couples.

The centerpieces we’re proposing here are all accented with green decorative items and greeneries that add even more luxury, opulence and uniqueness to the wedding. Don’t be afraid to follow the white & green theme, for it is one of the trendiest ones at this moment, for both classic and contemporary weddings!

In the first picture, we find a beautiful unique white floral centerpiece. The arrangement contains white Japanese anemones and peonies. These elegant and stylish blooms are accented with a touch of green, provided by the lovely coral ferns, seasonal leaves and twigs. We adore the chunky bottles and milk jugs used for the flowers as they add romanticism and originality to the table set.

The next centerpiece is a simplistic one, also designed according to a white and green theme. The designers used classic white roses to create the arrangements and lush greenery mixes to add a splash of color and vibrancy.

This works for both semi-formal and casually elegant wedding affairs. If your wedding takes place in winter and you want to create a seasonal all-white decor, take into consideration the arrangement we’re showing in the third picture. This centerpiece is original because it is a non-flower arrangement. The designers used white cotton bolls and a few pinecones, candles and evergreen sprigs to create a fabulous unconventional set for a glamorous off-the-beat reception.

If you prefer something more drama-free and light, why not opt for the casual centerpiece in the fourth picture? This arrangement features daffodils, scabiosa, sea holly, ranunculus, maidenhair ferns and rosemary. The bottles and jars used as recipients add a vintage flair to the entire set.