Savings Still Possible for Last Minute Travel Plans

Last Minute Travel Plans
Last Minute Travel Plans

With chaotic, unpredictable schedules many people have these days there maybe time where unexpected days off leave you longing for a trip away from it all. Many people will not follow through with their plans for a quick weekend getaway or even a more involved trip when they only find out at the last minute they have time to go.

One of the reasons people shy away from last minute travel is they are afraid they will have to pay top-dollar and otherwise can’t afford it. They choose to stay home because they don’t know how frugal their travel expenses can be – even at the last minute.

Here are some tips for finding last minute getaways at a steal:

Look Online

The Internet is a good resource for finding places out of the way at prices you can’t believe but can certainly afford. Even if you are not certain where you want to go, there are many online tools for finding last minute deals for airline flights, cruises, hotels, resorts, and dining. Many companies offer pricing for the Internet only that travelers can not find anywhere else. When companies have not filled rooms or seats, they will often reduce prices in hopes of selling out. The Internet is the fastest, most efficient way to find deals at literally the last minute.

Be Flexible

If you have some flexibility in when you can travel, you may be able to secure last minute seating on airplanes and hotels. Your trip may be truly spontaneous but you can really save big if you literally wait until the last minute before making your travel confirmation.

Look at Your Rewards

If you use credit cards or belong to travel-related organizations, you may be entitled to perks you don’t even know about and have never even used. Discount coupons offered by member organizations and credit card rewards programs are often easy to figure out by a simple call to customer service. Rewards programs in particular can be an effective way of saving money. When you convert miles into travel benefits, you are essentially getting free travel. Some cards offer travel rewards in general that help you save money on hotels, dining, and visitor attractions in addition to airline fees.

Think Local

When you want to get away but have no decisive idea of where to go, think locally. You can find a lot of wonderful getaways at very reasonable rates within a few hours drive of your home. Sometimes a weekend away in a nice hotel can be all the breather you need at a price you can afford. If you do manage to get far out of town, remember the locals of the area can be a great resource for finding the most inexpensive, non-tourist trap attractions that can be much easier on the wallet than the over-promoted and expensive activities.

Make It a Double

To really cut down on costs, look for accommodations large enough to fit more than one couple or family. By splitting costs you can make the trip even cheaper and well as more fun for everyone involved. There are many locations that offer special family accommodations for a lodging, dining, and tourist attractions.

Save a Little at a Time

For some, the travel bug keeps biting once you take your first spontaneous frugal trip, so it is important to incorporate a small regular deposit into a savings account designed to satisfy your travel urges. By saving a little bit at a time over a longer period of time, there is less pressure to come up with your cash in one lump sum. Having a vacation account established, you can better budget for bigger trips.