Top SEO Tips than Should Never be Overlooked

SEO Tips
SEO Tips

If you want your websites to get higher placements in Google, yahoo and msn then you need to have the following tips in place. These things might seem simple, but it’s amazing how effective the simplest things can be. Go over the list below and see how many tips you can implement today.

  1. Quality Backlinks

Every website needs high quality back links if it is to gain a high ranking in the search engines. You need to find links from reputable, high quality websites in your marketplace. You also need links from directories. If your website is junk then no website will want to link to you, so ensure you have quality content.

  1. Content is King

Everyone should know this by now, but it’s worth repeating. The content on your website will determine how many people read and re-visit your website. It will also determine how many other websites link to you, what referrals you get and where you rank in the search engines.

  1. Title Tags Rule

Try to create a unique title tag for each page on your website. The title tag should be specific to the webpage in question, and not generic throughout the entire website. Also, ensure that your keywords are listed in the title tags. Good title tags will increase your click through rate, bringing more visitors to your website.

  1. Internal Linking is Important

The pages of your website should link back to the most important page. The most important page is the one that contains your primary market keyword. When you link to other webpage’s on your own site, you need to use keyword text instead of “click here” text. Check your website and ensure that this is in place.

  1. Design for SEO

Your design should be geared for SEO. If you designer does not know how to accomplish this, then you need to find someone else. If your website is based on an image theme or flash theme, understand that a robot cannot crawl that. The search engine robots can only pick up text, so you need this to be the main focus inside your design. Find a good balance between SEO friendly website and a beautiful website with images.

  1. Test your Links

It’s amazing how many internal links don’t work on websites. You need to test your links to ensure that they are directing to the correct pages, or it will affect the ability of the search engines to follow them.

  1. Do you Have a Blog?

If you have static site and don’t make many changes, then you need to add a blog to your website. Adding a blog is very easy and doesn’t cost you a penny. When you have a blog and update it, you will encourage the search engine robots to visit more often.

  1. Don’t Accept random Link Exchanges

It might be tempting to accept link exchanges from other websites, but you need to avoid this. Do not link exchange with any website, especially with unrelated websites. You need to be selective. Always check the quality of the website before you link to it. Do link exchange with websites that are related to your topic.

  1. Check your Navigation

This is very basic but it effects user interaction and search engine interaction. If the navigation is not effective then you will lose customers and search engine rankings. Your website should be designed to allow your visitors find the information quickly and easily. Organize and group all your items. Put the navigation menu and the buttons at the right place.