How to Use keywords Effectively in Your Blog Posts

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Blog Post

As we all know the seo is all about choosing the correct keywords. If I say relevant, the keywords that we choose should be highly searchable at the lowest competitions. The keywords we pick for a blog post must be used smartly to get well indexed into the database of the quest. Keywords should be used in title, headings, tags, text, URl and meta definition. Here in this post I will explain in depth how to effectively use keywords in blog posts.

First check the following list:

1) Keywords in Title Tag.

2) Keywords in Heading Tags h1, h2.

3) Keywords in Body Content.

4) Keywords in Meta Description / Tags.

Keywords in Title tag:

As Title Tags show big in the tab. It lets search engine know what the page is all about, or we can say that the page is a brief summary. We should use our main keywords into this title tag.

Keywords in Heading Tags h1, h2:

Because the search engine gives these tags priority, as it lets the search engine know all the different parts are mentioned in the blog posts. In addition, it becomes easy for visitors to read or crawler to effectively crawl blog posts. Heading tags for blog posts can also be used to label content.

Keywords in Body Content:

We should use keywords in a blog post ‘s core. It is believed that the keyword density is said to be fine for SEO from 3 per cent-5 per cent. Not only density, but the keywords’ location also matters, i.e. if possible, seek to use keywords while binging the blog posts.

Meta Description Keywords / Tags:

Well friends as far as the value of using keywords in SEO’s Meta Description / Tag is concerned, no one can give the exact response. But yes, the search results display Meta definition.