Top 7 SEO Mistakes many Marketers Make

SEO Mistakes
SEO Mistakes

Are you working very hard on SEO, but not getting the results you want? Overwhelmed by many SEO tips and advices from different resources? Stop guessing! There are a number of key mistakes that many people make when trying to rank high in the Google search results. Here are the top 6 mistakes that many online business owners make:

SEO Mistake 1: Relying on one SEO strategy only

If you don’t use a number of different search engine optimization strategies then you are not going to gain a high ranking in Google. There is no magic pill in gaining great Google rankings. The way to achieve this is by employing all the efficient strategies that you have available to you.

SEO Mistake 2: Focusing on just Google

If you aim to rank high in just Google then you are simply short changing yourself. While Google is certainly the big search engine out there, there are another three to four big search engines ( Yahoo, MSN and Bing) They can deliver a lot of targeted traffic too. And don’t forget the social media websites. Remember that traffic is your ultimate goal, not a high Google ranking.

SEO Mistake 3: Misunderstanding your market

If you fail to understand your market then you will not optimize your website for the right keywords, phrases, titles and tags. This is a major mistake that many business owners make. Market research should be the first and most fundamental aspect of any business, and this is certainly true when it comes to SEO. You can optimize different pages for different keywords, but make sure that you know which keywords are most popular beforehand. Don’t play the guessing game. Use web analytics to understand what your visitors are looking for. Eventually you want more sales and not just random traffic.

SEO Mistake 4: Not optimizing your content

In order to gain a high ranking in Google, your content needs to be optimized for right keywords. Many online store owners just put the product pictures on their website without a good description. Pictures and flash only won’t get you higher search engine rankings. Remember that online visitors are looking for information and Google love keyword rich content.

You should aim for a three percent keyword density on the pages that you focus on. Meta title, headings and tags should contain the primary keyword that you want to rank for. You should also have a keyword optimized internal linking structure of your entire website.

SEO Mistake 5: Not getting relevant inbound links

You need to have relevant external links pointing to your website. This is something that you should not forget as Google places a very high importance on this issue. Look for as many high quality incoming links as you can find. Remember that you need to look for other high quality websites that you can exchange links with.

Don’t exchange a link with an unrelated website and don’t be obsessed by the pagerank. Your website can still get a high search engine ranking from low page rank websites, as long as the inbound link of the website is related to yours.

You should also take advantage of the many directories that you can get listed in. These directories have a high page rank and will drastically increase your Google placement. Setting up social media pages and directing the links to your website, is another great way of quickly increasing your Google ranking. Most of the top social media sites are now seen as authority sites.

SEO Mistake 6: Not monitoring your competitors

Most Internet marketers think that SEO campaign is only a one-time activity. They launch a huge campaign by optimizing the website and getting quality inbound links. After several months they finally get top ranking in the search engines. What do they do after that? They stop the entire SEO campaign!

Why? They think their website has achieved the highest search engine ranking and will stay there forever. Some smart Internet marketers know that Google from time to time changes the ranking algorithm, but most of them forget one important thing. Your competitors!

Yes, your competitors are also using SEO strategies to get higher ranking in the search engines. They are working hard too get in the top positions, pushing your website to the lowest position. So, if you stop monitoring your competitors and pause the entire SEO campaign your website will lose the first page position. In the worst case your website will become invisible, losing thousands of dollars sales or even more.

SEO Mistake 7: Not persisting enough!

One of the keys to gaining a top Google ranking is persistence and patience. Many people think of SEO as a quick fix and when they don’t get instant results, they give up. There is no magic in SEO. You need to be patient in the process of increasing your Google rankings. Depending on the competition, the desired results can take 2 to 6 months.

You also need to stay on the cutting edge of SEO methods and see what is working and what isn’t. We are here to teach you about the most effective SEO marketing strategies. Don’t have time or the resources to do SEO by yourself? SEO Marketing 30 days can help you!

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